Extremely Fast Radon Detection

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Using a radon sniffer is the fastest way for you to locate a radon entry point in a building. It can indicate the presence of a radon source in only 15 seconds! Check out a video of our radon sniffer finding a location where radon is entering a basement.

The radon sniffer is light, rugged, and versatile. It features a large OLED display for user friendly viewing measurements and only one control button that makes operation simple. It is wireless connectable to the smartphones via Bluetooth low energy so users can monitor and manipulate real-time displays through "Radon Sniffer" Android app. It is ideal for finding radon entry points and confirming the success of your mitigation work. In all, you will find that a radon sniffer is an indispensable tool for any radon mitigation project.

Advantages and Applications:

  • Locate Radon Sources:

  • Before beginning any remediation work, spend a few minutes using the radon sniffer to find where the radon is entering the building in order to determine the scope of the work that is required. Because the response time is only 15 seconds, you will know almost instantly when you come across a location where the radon is coming from!

  • Quick Check:

  • After remediation work has been completed, quickly verify that the mitigation has been successful before leaving the job site. Check all of the locations where the radon concentrations were previously high and test the general air in the room with a simple 30 minute test.

  • Fast and Accurate Response:

  • The CT007R Radon Sniffer can indicate the presence of a radon source in only 15 seconds which can be an ideal tool for high radon concentration detection. The radon detection algorithm takes account of radon progeny generated from detected radon gas to make detection more accurate.

  • Compact and Wireless Solution:

  • Compared to VS472, CT007R is a lighter and more compact solution for radon detection. CT007R Radon Sniffer can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy so that users can remotely monitor CT007R in real-time.